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Best Telescope Bags

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The Best Telescope Bags to Keep Your Equipment Safe

If you are crazy enough to buy a telescope, you will surely want to keep it safe!

There are many telescope bags in the market. You may be confused with which bag to buy. Why do the prices differ?

Which bag provides the most protection? Which are the best telescope bags? Let’s find out!

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There are some factors that you need to keep in mind before making the purchase.

Let us first see what the factors are:

The size

Your bag should comfortably accommodate your telescope, the tripod, and other accessories.

A smaller bag means less room for your expensive equipment. You wouldn’t want to risk dents on your equipment from lack of space.

Safety and cleanliness

A good telescope bag will have sufficient padding. This way, it can effectively absorb shocks while transporting it from one place to another.

Also, the cleanliness of your equipment matters. The bag should not let dust particles to settle, or your lens will become unfit for use.


Cheap telescope bags are made of low-quality material. They have thin handles and do not provide a good grip.

With such a bag, you risk damaging your equipment.

The best telescope bags are those who have soft handles with enough padding, so they are not hard on your skin.

Best Telescope Bags in the Market

1. Orion 15146 Padded Telescope Case

Orion 15146 Padded Telescope Case

  • Can hold medium-sized telescopes, tripod, and other accessories
  • No need to worry about mechanical damage to your equipment as the bag is of durable material. It is composed of resistant polyester and nylon fibers
  • The bag is water-resistant so you do not have to be concerned about your equipment, should you get caught in bad weather
  • There is an added layer of soft padding for extra protection
  • The bag comes with a divider, so it easy for the user to organize their things
  • The zipper is of full length, enabling easy access to tools.

2. Kuool Telescope Carry Case

Kuool Telescope Carry Case

  • Models such as Astromaster 70AZ, Orion 09007, Astromaster 90AZ, and other similar models can easily fit into this bag
  • Inner walls have 10mm EPE foam. So although they feel soft, they are resistant
  • The divider is customizable
  • Provides maximum protection as it made of resistant nylon material.
  • The shoulder strap is comfortable. Also, there are two additional handles on the sides.

3. Meade Instruments Polaris Carry Bag for Telescope

Meade Instruments Polaris Carry Bag for Telescope

  • It is the best bag for Polaris telescopes
  • Made up of highly resistant fiber material, protects your telescope from scratches.
  • With the interior padding, there is an extra layer of protection for your equipment
  • The bag has a shoulder strap that is sufficiently long and also has thick padding in the middle. This makes it easy to carry around, even when loaded.
  • There is also an additional one-hand strap
  • There is an accessory pouch to protect your small accessories. The bag can be secured with a pair of drawstrings.
  • It is an affordable choice


There are quite a few telescope bags to choose from. Hopefully, you will find a good bag for your needs.

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