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How to Clean a Leather Handbag

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Easy ways to make your leather handbag clean

In this busy world, mobile phones and other electronic gadgets are essential for both genders. Especially for girls, makeup kit is the most necessary product in their daily life. Without that product, they feel something might be missing.

So to hold all these essential things, a leather handbag is a must! But most of the people do not know how to clean this handy thing. This article here gives an excellent solution to this challenging question!

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Start with precaution

According to Jordan Smith of the Handbag Clinic, protect the handbag by taking precautions like closing the ink pen tightly, cover the bag when not in use, and so on. This helps in preventing stains, grease, and so on.

If you are a handbag lover, then clean the handbag regularly by just wiping with a smooth and light cloth. It is necessary to clean the designer handbags by the professionals for every two or three years to keep them in top condition.

Warm and soapy water

Once a week, clean the handbag by mixing the mild liquid soap to the warm water and with the soft cloth wipe the dirt which is present outside the bag. Mild Lavera liquid soap is the best product to do this process.

One important thing is that you do not use saddle soap, because it will show a too strong effect on the leather, which leads to discoloration.

Proper cleaner

As per the Handbag clinics, “Do not use baby wipes, vinegar or other remedies for stain removal. It may damage the color and brightness of the leather handbag.”

So always use the product which will give the best results. For example, use Suede and nubuck cleaner, which is a quick absorbent and a popular cleaner product for the handbag.

Sunlight problem

Cleaning is not only a solution for the handbags. Maintaining is also one of them. So when you are not using the handbags, do not leave under the direct sunlight. Because it may lead to fading of color.

If we say scientifically, ultraviolet rays are the main reason for the fading of the object due to the break down of chemical bonds.

Stubborn stains

Leather handbags are one of the products which may get stubborn stains. For these stains, try one of the methods by using shoe polish. Take matching shoe polish to the color of the handbag and apply it to the affected area. But this method is only for the small damaged area, not for the whole.

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Nasty Smell problem

The major problem in a leather handbag is the smell. A handbag is one of the essential things for working individuals. So if that handbag is smelly, then it will spoil the mood of the owner as well the people around it. So to avoid this problem, use odor removers.

Baking powder should also absorb unwanted odors. Avoid using harsh solvent-based or fluorocarbon aerosol spray odor removers, because it may damage the type of leather.

Removing ink mark

For most of the people who were working in companies like MNC or other IT companies, one of the usual things is ink marks on the handbag. “Ink Away” is the compact lipstick size tubes used to remove the ink marks. This solution is only to treat within a short time of it happening.

Nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol

Nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol is used to remove the stain or ink marks in the leather handbag. There is a chance of ink spread when you are over rubbing the handbag. Toothpaste is also used to remove the scuffs in the handbag. After the process is done, you wipe with a soft cloth.

Baking soda or cornstarch

Baking soda or cornstarch is used to remove the oil stain in the leather handbag. Apply the baking soda on the oil spot. Wait for an hour or overnight. So that the baking soda will absorb the oil stain. Then wipe the powder by using a soft cloth.

Lemon juice and Tartar cream

It is a long process, but at the same time, it is worth it. Mix the tartar and lemon juice and make a paste. Apply to the stained or greased area and wait for thirty minutes. Both components have a mild bleaching effect, so it is only for a light-colored leather handbag.

After thirty minutes, clean the handbag and apply the leather conditioner to keep the handbag from drying out and cracking. Wait for 15 minutes and wipe the handbag with the soft cloth. It will shine like a star. You may use a commercial leather conditioner or homemade conditioner. It is easy to make a leather conditioner at home.

A one part vinegar to two parts linseed oil is mixed together to create an own conditioner. Commercial leather conditioner, like Chamberlain’s Leather Care Liniment No. 1, is famous for its gentle and friendly to exotic leather bags.

For a perfect shape

When the handbag is not in use, it may lead to an irregular shape. So stuff the bag with bubble wrap or with some clothing to maintain the shape of the handbag. Also, use the handbag hook.

Avoid handling more

Usually, some people have oily skin. So this may damage the particular type of leather bag. So for that people use specific bags which will be suitable for them and try holding your bag over your arm.

Dye transfer is one of the most stubborn stains. So do not use light-colored bags when you are wearing a new pair of jeans. To avoid dye transfer, wash the new jeans before wearing or use dark-colored handbags.

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A handbag is one of the products which decides our personality. It also gives self-confidence to the people who are very conscious about their behavior in their outer world. So it should be clean, stylish, and useful.

You may all noticed in photograph or reality; Queen Elizabeth II always carries a black handbag with her. I think this is the best example to the world how vital the handbag will be.

So when you invest in a gorgeous leather bag, it is worth learning how to clean it properly. The aim of learning how to clean a leather handbag is not to make it look like it has never been used. So try these practical solutions to get a shiny and newly leather handbags!

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