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How to Gift Wrap a Purse?

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Wrapping a Purse

Merry jingle bells are ringing as Christmas comes closer. With Christmas comes gifts, surprises, and other beautiful things.

This means you have to wrap those goodies in beautiful wrapping paper in the busiest time of year.

Now do not panic if you do not know how to pack a gift, especially a purse. A purse is quite tricky when it comes to wrapping. It can be of different shapes and sizes, and this makes it difficult to wrap.

Here, we present a way to wrap it all in time before the gift opening ceremony.

Orange Ribbon with Red Sparkly Bow Gift Wrap

Things you need:

  1. Wrapping paper
  2. Tape
  3. Double-sided tape
  4. Bow
  5. Glossy strings/Ribbon
  6. Scissors
  7. Gift Card
  8. Bubble wrap

How to wrap

Step one

Grab your purse and insert it into a box and place it in the center of the wrapping paper. Ensure your wallet is snuck and is square.

Do not squish the box as this will damage the gift. Try placing bubble wrap wherever required within and outside the bag or box to avoid any damage to the purse.

Step two

Grab each side of the wrapping paper and pull over the box to wrap the gift. Then tape each end overlapped over the paper to ensure the gift box is covered correctly.

The wrapping paper should now make a neatly wrapped box that is secured on every end and side with tape.

Step three

Take the ribbon and cut a few centimeters out of two pieces. Now take each part and wrap the gift box from each side.

This will give us four straight lines on either side of the box. Please make sure the ribbon is of a contrasting color to make it look beautiful and stand out.

Step four

Take a decorative bow of any shape and color, ideally matching the ribbon and stick it at the center where the decorations meet.

This should be the place where the box looks neat and presentable. Secure with tape on all sides of the bow. Double-sided tape will also work.

Step five

Take the gift card and write something sweet to the person being gifted. This will bring a beautiful smile on their face on a joyous day.

Step six

Secure the gift card with a piece of tape on the gift bag. Voila, you have a perfectly wrapped purse.

Woman checking her purse

The final wrap of the year

I hope that these wrapping instructions do help you out wrap many other goodies and gifts. The wrapping spree is after all the time of the year.

There are many beautiful ways to gift your loved ones, and the traditional method seems to be the best.

I recommend you guys to visit a website from Germany called Stonefoot. It can be tricky to find the best gift to give away, and these guys have an excellent selection of gift ideas you can check out!

Do enjoy this Christmas with gifts and especially the loved ones of your life.

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