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What Are the Types of Wedding Attire?

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Types of Wedding Attire

Weddings are such occasions which demand to dress sober and appreciable. We cannot just wear anything from our closet to a wedding, right?

So, it is always better to stick to the dress code mentioned in the invitation. In case the dress code is not specified, below are some apparels which will guide you on what to wear to a wedding.

1. White Tie/Floor-Length Gown

Wearing white ties is a very formal way to dress for a wedding, wear it with an accompanying white vest and a bow tie.

For ladies, wearing a beautiful floor-length gown with simple jewellery will look elegant.

2. Daytime Semi-formal

If you are invited to attend garden-wedding, wearing daytime semi-formal apparel can never go wrong.

Men can wear a lightweight linen suit or blazer while ladies can opt for a light-colored day dress or tea dress. Both of you will surely look pretty.

3. Island

Whenever you see the word “island” on your wedding invitation, choose tropical clothes no matter where the wedding takes place.

Women can wear lightweight, fresh-colored dresses with sand-friendly footwear (not stilettos).

A little jewellery but not-so-gaudy can add more elegance to your attire. Men can wear a lightweight suit or any other outfit that can be worn to a daytime semi-formal wedding, exclude the necktie.

4. Cocktail

If the wedding invitation says a cocktail dress code, then it will be a fun time to pick out your apparels.

Earlier, cocktail attire was restricted to women due to the dresses’ sizes, but now, any lightweight dress with a much shorter length can be worn for a casual wedding dress code.

For men, wearing a dark shade suit with an accompanying white shirt and a tie can do the work.


What to wear to a wedding entirely depends on what kind of wedding you are going to attend and what the wedding invitation says about the dress code.

Whatever you wear, make sure it is simple, elegant and also, you should be confident in your dress.

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