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What Can I Put in a Purse as Gift?

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Gifts in a Purse

Giving keys and cards in a purse as a gift is a simple and stale idea these days.

Giving something cool and funky in a bag as a gift will be worth remembering.

After finding out how to gift wrap a purse which fits all filters and categories, keeping the following things in the purse as a gift will lift the happiness to another level.

1. A makeup pouch

A small makeup pouch is an essential thing to carry these days.

Even if the girl is not a makeup lover, putting some essentials in the purse like a subtle shade lipstick is great for touch-ups.

2. A pair of earrings

Putting a pair of beautiful earrings or danglers in the purse as a gift is another thing that will prove to be helpful for the girl in the days ahead.

Getting earrings and some other jewellery items right in her purse after running out errands whole day will make her smile.

3. A notebook-pen

Not every girl is into makeup and fashion, some like being messy and unadorned all time. Things like a notebook and a pen for such people will always be a thumbs up.

It happens many times that we don’t get to jot down an important date or agenda for the day or a random creative thought just because we don’t carry a notebook-pen.

So, this one thing can surely go into that chosen birthday gift (purse).

4. A book

We always have that one friend who is an avid reader, right? So, giving a book in the purse as a gift can work too.

He/she can also read the book while waiting for someone; this can be a great time-killer.


All the things mentioned above are only a few; there are hundreds of more items that can be kept inside a purse and gifted to your loved one. You need to notice what kind of a person your friend is.

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