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What Should You NOT Wear to a Wedding?

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Bad Clothing for Weddings

Being invited to a wedding is a matter of honor, and spoiling the day with an inadequate and unappreciated attire will be the last thing anybody wants.

Picking up what to wear to a wedding apparels is quite an easy and not-so-daunting task, all you need is just a little guidance.

Please have a look at the list of some outfits that one should NEVER wear to a wedding.

1. A Black tuxedo

We should always try not to upstage the bride or the groom while attending any wedding. Rather than choosing a black tuxedo, men should opt for suits and blazers.

We all know it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed, but finding a happy medium won’t do any bad.

2. White

The same thing applies to the ladies as well, never wear white because that can surely upstage the bride.

Also, try to avoid wearing a blue, white or ivory at all costs. Even if you love whites, try sticking to some pastel shades while attending a wedding.

3. Anything Too Revealing

Wedding is an occasion which demands sober and conservative clothes.

So, try to avoid those ripped jeans or that sheer dress with a long slit. Wear something appreciable yet simple. And while attending weddings in summers, stick to lighter fabrics.

Also, remember anything you wear should only be of knee-length or long.

4. All Black

We all know black is worn in mourning at sombre affairs, so it is best to be safe than sorry later.

Weddings are happy occasions and so, celebrate them by wearing something bright yet simple.

5. Anything Gaudy

We all love to make some bold fashion statements and be remembered because of our apparels, but not in a wrong way and not in a wedding.

Do not try to wear to mix over-toned neon shade clothes, trust me; no one will look at the bride and groom, and we do not want that.

Wrapping it Up

Even if you are a vibrant personality and love to wear too-bright clothes, try not to take risks while attending a wedding, it will save you from all the frowns, gossips and weird expressions.

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