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Best Women’s Handbags for Work

Being Classy Makes, You Look Sassy

A woman needs to prove herself in society. She is also judged by the way she communicates, dresses up, and displays fashion sense and professionalism. To fight all these, she needs to be ready with every tool to prove herself.

For carrying her possessions and weapons, she needs the right bag. Let us figure out how a professional woman can make herself look classy and sassy just under the cost of three hundred fifty dollars.

How to Choose a worthy sidekick for Every #BossLady?

To quote our Lord and Saviour, Beyonce said, ‘Who runs the world?’

Women have left their stereotypical gendered roles in the dust, and have taken over the workforce by storm, so did their appearance.

Women are beautiful and multi-faceted, something so evident by how they manage their personal as well as professional lives.

But running around all day is not a walk in the park, which is why they need all the essential tools to help them attain all that their heart desires, proper appearance to make themselves more confident and fashion to uplift their standards.

When looking for the perfect bag, we must keep a few things in mind:

  • The first thing that we cannot neglect is versatility. The best work bag must be just the right size to carry all your BossLady essentials like laptop, planner, sometimes even a fresh outfit for that last-minute errand post the gym.
  • When you are purchasing a handbag, one of the critical things to look out for is the quality of the bag.
  • The quality of the bag will determine what will be carried in the bag and the durability of the bag.

However, the requirement of versatility should not compromise on the form or appearance. They should be chic, simple, and classy. They elevate any outfit you choose to wear and what accessories you pick along, like a bag.

But we understand that there are many bags on the market advertising to be your perfect work companion, so we have done our bit to research and find you the best, so here are our top options under $350:

Leather Transport Tote by Madewell

This beautiful and classic tote bag has a simple design, and therein lies its appeal. It becomes the perfect accessory for everything.

Its rightly named the ‘transport tote’ because it is tailored for those on the go. It’s a super lightweight bag that is dateless and will never go out of style.

Dagne Dover’s Signature Tote

This little number gives fierce competition to Hermione’s beaded bottomless bag from Harry Potter. It can do everything you expect from your work pal falling just short of being enchanted. Even without magic, it’s filled with some delightful surprises.

The inside is possibly the most organized we have come across. From your coffee cup to your Subway card, this bag has a place for every little thing.

Meaning you can kiss goodbye to that everything-is-mixed-up-at-the-bottom-of-my-bag problem, as you will never misplace another item, no matter how small. It is available in four different colors and twelve different sizes, so there’s something for everyone.

The (Anti) Diaper bag

This is the bag for working moms because it can also double as a diaper bag. A critical feature of the bag is how easily it can be cleaned. The bag comes with matching clutches in different sizes. It is spacious enough for your laptop and essentials.

It has a flat base to help keep everything standing up straight. The bag is available in two colors.

Leather Backpack

The time when backpacks were made only for kids to use is long gone. Today due to the evolution of style, they make for the perfect sleek companions for when you’re always on the go. As well as keeping your hands empty.

The Fabi backpack is practical and puts both form and function at power with its feminine look. It is also available in various matte colors, all equipped with a push-to-lock for closure. It also features a neat little pocket with a zipper on the rear of the bag for valuable possessions.

On the inside, it has a laptop compartment and a pocket for your phone, all under a Vintage style patch embossed with the logo to keep your belongings tidy and neat.

The Logo Tote by Furla Asfalto

A paradox in the form of a tote, as this is both compacts as well as spacious. The classic look of the bag makes it a timeless accessory. And it will last you a long time with its sturdy gold and leather hardware.

Available in a beautiful grey color, makes the bag wholly professional and polished looking, this bag works wonders alongside your accessories to keep an outfit professional and polished.

The Truly, Madly Leather Tote

This is the bag for women looking to store a lot of things. With dimensions of 15.5 inches tall, 13.5 inches in height and 8 inches in depth, if this bad can not carry all your necessities, then no bag will.

Made from 100% vegan leather, it is perfect for you as well as kind to animals. The textile is a trendsetter on runways. It has proven to pass phenomenally against time. Because of its sturdy make, this bag is made to pass the test of time.

Whether you choose to go monochrome with all-black or have some fun with a colorful ensemble and let this bag will help you keep everything all together throughout the day.

bags rows in retail shop

The Upland Backpack by Paravel

Paravel has established its brand by manufacturing quality travel bags and their brilliant packing cubes.

The bag is also commodious enough for catering to all your needs – be it for the office, travel, or a weekend with family. A bonus, you can monogram everything on their site, including this bag.

Deana Backpack from Sole Society

Hands-free, and as a bonus, it won’t make your shoulder hurt ah, these functionalities are what keep our love for backpacks alive. This dapper number from Sole Society looks as au courant as any orthodox shoulder bag, if not better.

Bestowed with an independent front sleeve for items you need to keep within reach like wallets or ID. It makes the task of organizing all your bare necessities of Life as easy as cake.

And it has a functional design that makes it the perfect travel partner alongside your existing carry-on.

Made using faux leather, along with a whole lot of love. Making the backpack a cherry on top for any outfit.

The COACH Dufflette

For our final bag, a throwback to the classic fashion. The moniker given to this particular tote bag is “The throwback bag.” It’s a chic, no pomp option for all your needs. It has a roomy interior with enough space for a laptop, each one of your essentials, and has space left for more.

The subtle design is dateless and handsome. And thus it becomes the number 1 appurtenant for the working girl.

Handbags in a row


A woman is always the upfront of fashion and dedication. So, why compromise when it comes to style along with profession?

The bags mentioned above will make one look classy, confident, and professional. Pick without any second thought.

Blue, silver and white wrapping paper

How to Gift Wrap a Purse?

Wrapping a Purse

Merry jingle bells are ringing as Christmas comes closer. With Christmas comes gifts, surprises, and other beautiful things.

This means you have to wrap those goodies in beautiful wrapping paper in the busiest time of year.

Now do not panic if you do not know how to pack a gift, especially a purse. A purse is quite tricky when it comes to wrapping. It can be of different shapes and sizes, and this makes it difficult to wrap.

Here, we present a way to wrap it all in time before the gift opening ceremony.

Orange Ribbon with Red Sparkly Bow Gift Wrap

Things you need:

  1. Wrapping paper
  2. Tape
  3. Double-sided tape
  4. Bow
  5. Glossy strings/Ribbon
  6. Scissors
  7. Gift Card
  8. Bubble wrap

How to wrap

Step one

Grab your purse and insert it into a box and place it in the center of the wrapping paper. Ensure your wallet is snuck and is square.

Do not squish the box as this will damage the gift. Try placing bubble wrap wherever required within and outside the bag or box to avoid any damage to the purse.

Step two

Grab each side of the wrapping paper and pull over the box to wrap the gift. Then tape each end overlapped over the paper to ensure the gift box is covered correctly.

The wrapping paper should now make a neatly wrapped box that is secured on every end and side with tape.

Step three

Take the ribbon and cut a few centimeters out of two pieces. Now take each part and wrap the gift box from each side.

This will give us four straight lines on either side of the box. Please make sure the ribbon is of a contrasting color to make it look beautiful and stand out.

Step four

Take a decorative bow of any shape and color, ideally matching the ribbon and stick it at the center where the decorations meet.

This should be the place where the box looks neat and presentable. Secure with tape on all sides of the bow. Double-sided tape will also work.

Step five

Take the gift card and write something sweet to the person being gifted. This will bring a beautiful smile on their face on a joyous day.

Step six

Secure the gift card with a piece of tape on the gift bag. Voila, you have a perfectly wrapped purse.

Woman checking her purse

The final wrap of the year

I hope that these wrapping instructions do help you out wrap many other goodies and gifts. The wrapping spree is after all the time of the year.

There are many beautiful ways to gift your loved ones, and the traditional method seems to be the best.

I recommend you guys to visit a website from Germany called Stonefoot. It can be tricky to find the best gift to give away, and these guys have an excellent selection of gift ideas you can check out!

Do enjoy this Christmas with gifts and especially the loved ones of your life.

Bride's white handbag at a wedding

What to Wear to a Wedding

The ultimate guide to being the glamour girl at your friend’s wedding

A wedding is an elegant and fun celebration and is a celebration where you are not allowed to outshine the bride. But this does mean you should not look glamorous.

You can rock the world with your glamour at all weddings by making the right choice with your wardrobe. Here are a few tips on what to wear to a wedding and how to rock it even if it’s budget-friendly.

Bride accessories


The dress you wear at a wedding should focus on your personality and also what the dress code is.

The outfit can be a long romantic gown or merely a tomboy’s favorite, a pantsuit. The wedding glamour will also shine on you with your perfect choice.

So here are a few pointers when wearing an outfit.

  • Do not wear white as this color is meant for the bride, and no bride wants their glamour to be taken away.
  • Don’t wear black as this is a sign of mourning in many cultures. Avoid it at all costs as this can or cannot upset attendees and hosts.
  • Minimize the bling on your dress as this will draw way too much attention.
  • Avoid bright and neon colors as again, this will draw way too much attention.

Long gown

A long gown is one of the top choices by a woman of all ages at a wedding. Do wear a formal and appropriates dress. Always catch on to the spirit of the occasion and wear the clothing accordingly.

Many long gowns are considered romantic. However, if you are looking to have some fun with their dress, you should try wearing a short skirt.

Short dress

A short skirt is classy and preppy. It is especially lovely for those who love to have fun on a beautiful day. The dress will also certainly make it easy for you to move on to the dance floor and also make it ideal if you are looking for something to reuse as a casual dress to a birthday party.

The dress will also give you an edgy and modern look if that is what you look forward to.


A pantsuit is ideal for all the tomboys out there. This elegant outfit can knock the socks off the guests for your definition of the look as well as stay elegant and modest out there. To may a pantsuit reminds them of what Hillary Clinton would wear and seems too much.

But a pantsuit can be made beautiful and sexy, depending on the colors and style you go for. Yes, there are many styles out there for a pantsuit. So, do not worry that you would look like a politician. You can look elegant and sexy in a pantsuit.


A purse or a clutch can make a statement out there at a wedding for all those who sport it. You can choose glitter and glamour pure or a beige and minimalistic clutch out there.

Wear it to sport the celebration and make the most of it by carrying your essentials. Don’t ever worry again about what to use to carry your used lipstick in.

Here are a few pointers on what to look out for when choosing a purse or a clutch.

  • Have an elegant clutch by avoiding all sorts of bright, eccentric colors.
  • Ensure the clutch or purse matches your dress by pairing it with the appropriate color.
  • Make sure you have a clutch or purse with a chain, as carrying it around in your hand can make it tiring.
  • Remember that a clutch or purse is small and won’t fit everything you want in it, so carry only essentials and if you are someone who needs to use a lot of things, switch to a classy handbag.
  • Last but not least, do not forget it anywhere.


Wearing an accessory that fits your look will make a statement when attending a wedding. Wearing a jewelry piece should also make you look elegant at all times.

Accessories are not meant to outdo your outfit with bling, but rather bring it all together for the occasion. This way, you look elegant and beautiful for the event. Now you do not have to buy a set from Tiffanys to look chic.

Here are a few pointers to dress up yourself.

  • Wear a pair of drop earrings as this will make you look beautiful, but at the same time, want to keep your look minimalistic.
  • If you do not want to wear a lot of jewelry, then it is fine to skimp on it all. Let your beauty speak for itself.
  • Do not wear a lot of jewelry, as this might not suit your outfit or the occasion.
  • You do not have to break the bank if you are not planning on spending a lot. Just borrow from your mom or sister, or opt for costume jewelry.

Bride holds handbag


Whether you are looking for a simple dress or a suit, always remember that it is not all about the appearance. One should go for a beautiful wedding to celebrate the joyous occasion.

So no matter what you wear, as long as you share memories with your loved ones, it is bound to be amazing. Wear everything to add blitz and joy in life.

One last very important message; Visit party wedding, in case you have not bought a gift for the couple that is getting married yet. This website has some of the most elegant wedding gift related ideas you can imagine!

cleaning leather handbag

How to Clean a Leather Handbag

Easy ways to make your leather handbag clean

In this busy world, mobile phones and other electronic gadgets are essential for both genders. Especially for girls, makeup kit is the most necessary product in their daily life. Without that product, they feel something might be missing.

So to hold all these essential things, a leather handbag is a must! But most of the people do not know how to clean this handy thing. This article here gives an excellent solution to this challenging question!

Women browsing leather handbag in shop

Start with precaution

According to Jordan Smith of the Handbag Clinic, protect the handbag by taking precautions like closing the ink pen tightly, cover the bag when not in use, and so on. This helps in preventing stains, grease, and so on.

If you are a handbag lover, then clean the handbag regularly by just wiping with a smooth and light cloth. It is necessary to clean the designer handbags by the professionals for every two or three years to keep them in top condition.

Warm and soapy water

Once a week, clean the handbag by mixing the mild liquid soap to the warm water and with the soft cloth wipe the dirt which is present outside the bag. Mild Lavera liquid soap is the best product to do this process.

One important thing is that you do not use saddle soap, because it will show a too strong effect on the leather, which leads to discoloration.

Proper cleaner

As per the Handbag clinics, “Do not use baby wipes, vinegar or other remedies for stain removal. It may damage the color and brightness of the leather handbag.”

So always use the product which will give the best results. For example, use Suede and nubuck cleaner, which is a quick absorbent and a popular cleaner product for the handbag.

Sunlight problem

Cleaning is not only a solution for the handbags. Maintaining is also one of them. So when you are not using the handbags, do not leave under the direct sunlight. Because it may lead to fading of color.

If we say scientifically, ultraviolet rays are the main reason for the fading of the object due to the break down of chemical bonds.

Stubborn stains

Leather handbags are one of the products which may get stubborn stains. For these stains, try one of the methods by using shoe polish. Take matching shoe polish to the color of the handbag and apply it to the affected area. But this method is only for the small damaged area, not for the whole.

Woman photographing leather handbag

Nasty Smell problem

The major problem in a leather handbag is the smell. A handbag is one of the essential things for working individuals. So if that handbag is smelly, then it will spoil the mood of the owner as well the people around it. So to avoid this problem, use odor removers.

Baking powder should also absorb unwanted odors. Avoid using harsh solvent-based or fluorocarbon aerosol spray odor removers, because it may damage the type of leather.

Removing ink mark

For most of the people who were working in companies like MNC or other IT companies, one of the usual things is ink marks on the handbag. “Ink Away” is the compact lipstick size tubes used to remove the ink marks. This solution is only to treat within a short time of it happening.

Nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol

Nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol is used to remove the stain or ink marks in the leather handbag. There is a chance of ink spread when you are over rubbing the handbag. Toothpaste is also used to remove the scuffs in the handbag. After the process is done, you wipe with a soft cloth.

Baking soda or cornstarch

Baking soda or cornstarch is used to remove the oil stain in the leather handbag. Apply the baking soda on the oil spot. Wait for an hour or overnight. So that the baking soda will absorb the oil stain. Then wipe the powder by using a soft cloth.

Lemon juice and Tartar cream

It is a long process, but at the same time, it is worth it. Mix the tartar and lemon juice and make a paste. Apply to the stained or greased area and wait for thirty minutes. Both components have a mild bleaching effect, so it is only for a light-colored leather handbag.

After thirty minutes, clean the handbag and apply the leather conditioner to keep the handbag from drying out and cracking. Wait for 15 minutes and wipe the handbag with the soft cloth. It will shine like a star. You may use a commercial leather conditioner or homemade conditioner. It is easy to make a leather conditioner at home.

A one part vinegar to two parts linseed oil is mixed together to create an own conditioner. Commercial leather conditioner, like Chamberlain’s Leather Care Liniment No. 1, is famous for its gentle and friendly to exotic leather bags.

For a perfect shape

When the handbag is not in use, it may lead to an irregular shape. So stuff the bag with bubble wrap or with some clothing to maintain the shape of the handbag. Also, use the handbag hook.

Avoid handling more

Usually, some people have oily skin. So this may damage the particular type of leather bag. So for that people use specific bags which will be suitable for them and try holding your bag over your arm.

Dye transfer is one of the most stubborn stains. So do not use light-colored bags when you are wearing a new pair of jeans. To avoid dye transfer, wash the new jeans before wearing or use dark-colored handbags.

Studio shot of stylish green handbag


A handbag is one of the products which decides our personality. It also gives self-confidence to the people who are very conscious about their behavior in their outer world. So it should be clean, stylish, and useful.

You may all noticed in photograph or reality; Queen Elizabeth II always carries a black handbag with her. I think this is the best example to the world how vital the handbag will be.

So when you invest in a gorgeous leather bag, it is worth learning how to clean it properly. The aim of learning how to clean a leather handbag is not to make it look like it has never been used. So try these practical solutions to get a shiny and newly leather handbags!

Production of Handbags From Sustainable And Recycled Material

The environment is facing so many problems, and one of the primary issues is the wasting of used products. People use and throw plastic, but they should not do so because plastic does not decompose. Even many other materials get lost daily.

Thus, the process of recycling started, which helps in creating new things out of old ones. There are three R’s that every person should keep in kind are Reduce, Recycle and reuse. The primary purpose of recycling is preventing things from getting wasted.

Then the third R explains about usage of handbags made from recycled products. One of the recycled products formed from old material is various forms of Handbags.


Various Form of Handbags Produced Through Recycling

People must prefer using these bags because it will help in saving the environment. Recycling helps in saving fabric from getting wasted. There are many forms of handbags in this world, but bags manufactured from recycled materials are also of different types. Let’s discuss some of its kinds.

  • Seat Belt Handbags: Used seat belt requires 200 years to get decomposed. It is very hazardous for the environment, and it can deplete the environment very severely. It gets recycled to form new ones. Seat belts get used in vehicles, but people can use this handbag for more significant purposes as well. Every seat belt handbag gets cleansed with coconut soap, and it gets produced in the form of a new one with designer fabric.
  • Reformed Fabrics for Handbags: Many plastic bottle fabrics get sourced from a local manufacturer, and these fabrics get recycled with other plastic bottles, which help in producing new forms of cloth. This fabric gets used for creating a new Handbag, which is very attractive. This thread can also get woven and can get used for the lining process.

Many local Co-operatives collect different threads and then separate different colors of yarn from each other. Then this thread gets woven to produce a beautiful fabric. The actual nature of recycled material is that it does not contain any form of chemical or carbon dioxide emission.


  • Handbags From Fashion Industry: Lucia Tote Bags is one of a bag that gets produced from the leftover fabric of the Fashion industry. Usually, while producing fashion products, various form of cloth and the unwanted material gets wasted. This fabric does not have any use in production, and then it gets collected by recycling industries. Then they get collected to produce unique and designer handbags. These handbags are beautiful, and many people buy them for carrying various occasions. This form of handloom is lovely. It is a unique fabric that gets formed from different fashion fabrics. This material gets used to building handbags; otherwise, it will end up in Landfill areas. Wasting anything has a worse impact on the Environment.
  • Organic Certifies Cotton fabric: Handbags made from recycled products like cotton fabric is GOTS certified. It is a particular handbag that can get used as a shopping bag, or it can act right for sleeping while moving on someone’s place. It is a versatile bag that helps in many different works.